Established to help the widows of rangers who have died in the Virunga National Park, DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo).


Rangers whose job was protecting the Mountain Gorillas against poachers. This project helps these widows to produce items for sale so that they can support themselves, their children and families.


Established as a micro enterprise to help not only the local communities but also the environment; in the past many Maasai women generated their income from cutting down trees and selling charcoal. This enterprise in stark contrast is creating a stable and sustainable income source for these communities and protecting the environment at the same time.




Established to help one of the last nomadic tribes of The Great Rift Valley; these funds also go towards creating an income for this tribe. In a world where the nomads can no longer roam as free as they used too; these wares are crafted by skilled hands that produce these unique items.


In the beginning of this year, I decided to start a small bead work business. I started making necklaces, bangles, coin bowls beaded table mats etc. After making them on my own, I found it difficult to make them and market them at the same time. So I approached a few women who were doing bead work and we started making beaded collars and belts, flip flops and watches with bead work.

In doing this it has made me happy as I am able to support some of the underprivileged women in my neighborhood and market some of our Kenyan culture to the world.

We work from home at the moment but hopefully, we will be getting a working station as we continue getting more orders.

I have a soft spot for underprivileged women in our village. When I have a lot of work, I reach out to some who come to help and at the end of the day, they get something to take home.

I am hoping that in the near future, I'll be able to reach out to more of them and impact their lives positively through various programs like mentorships, table banking, skill training and much more.

Every time I get an order, it excites me as it means my dream of seeing a stable community is slowly being realised.




These 100% cotton Kikoys (sarongs) are sold by many women in traditional markets, although not produced by these women it has become a good way for many women to make an income and support themselves.


These Kikoys have been purchased through these women, so as to help overcome poverty and improve women's social standing, & to help them bring about positive change.


Sidai Designs is a social enterprise in Arusha, Tanzania Creating contemporary luxury beaded jewellery, based on traditional Maasai beading techniques and design.

Inspired by the symbolic cultural significance of the Maasai jewellery, each piece tells a story. Jewellery is an integral element of the Maasai identity. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by Maasai women in Tanzania.


Sidai Designs support Maasai women by providing economic empowerment through fair trade.


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